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05:31am 11/08/2003
  I am filled with hate and spite today....

I fucking hate money....I hate everything about it....

I just taught myself to play Today Your Love, Tommorow The World by the Ramones....everything is alright in my little neck of the woods again
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11:24am 10/08/2003
  I love Blind Date....the episode just happens to be two lesbians going on a date....who doesn't love the idea of a total lesbian dating show?? Damn it...they just totally didn't make out at the end of the date....I feel cheated...

I love the end of Star Wars where Han Solo comes back and blasts the Tie Fighters and sends Darth Vader tumbling into space so that Luke can totally blow the shit outta the Death Star and save the Rebel Alliance....I'll admit it gets me a little misty eyed every time I see it....that is real friendship....he even lets Han date his sister....

Just for the record....Nascar is the stupidest "sport" ever....who gives a fuck about rednecks with mullets that can't fucking turn right?? If I am gonna watch TV that includes rednecks and mullets I wanna see the Dukes of Hazzard....fuck nascar....

The Dennis Leary Roast on Comedy Central was the funniest thing I have seen on tv in a long time....high comedy indeed...
04:41am 08/08/2003
mood: awake
"Then I'll be ten feet tall/and you'll be nothing at all"....yeah....the Dead Boys rule

Coffee mixed with a few of those ephedrin pills at the local run down gas station (because no good looking clean gas station would dare sell them) is fucking remarkable.....totally awake and rocking out....

On my way home from work (in my coffee and ephedra induced stupor I might add) I had so much pent up energy....I was rocking out to Strike Anywhere....it was right on.....I wanted to get out and run home...almost...I am way to lazy for that.....

I got home and grabbed my sidewalk sufboard and rode around the neighborhood.....when I skate I like to skate fast.....I like to feel the fucking speed and be totally on the edge of, "oh shit, if I hit a rock I am a dead man"....that is what I go for....so I am flying and this cop pulls right out in front of me at the bottom of this hill....I was like Oh fuck....I am gonna die.....so I totally miss this cop car by about I would say 3 inches....I felt the cop car brush against me sleeve as I flew by....so what happens? The cop turns on his lights and pulls the guy on the skateboard over....I am like "What the fuck??".....he had his lights on and everything....so I stop and I am totally waiting for him to just try to totally fuck up my day.....neighbors are coming out of their houses and shit (everyone loves those damn sirens).....the cop was like, "Let me see your board".....uhmmm fuck that....I know he has every intention of taking my board and keeping it (the cops here try to do that from time to time if you get caught skating in downtown and shit).....he's like, "I don't wanna keep it...I just wanna see it"....suspicous (but gullible) I give him my board.....he takes the board and to my shock, he begins to ride it down the road.....I am totally thinking I am on some weird caffeine and ephedra daydream trip.....he rides back, hands me my board, and is like, "Dude, just like you always told me, loose trucks save lives....you are lucky you didn't hit my car"....then it hits me.....I have skated with this dude about 50 times at the skatepark....I am like "holy fuck!!!!".....he looked completely different....it was weird as hell....I had no idea he was a cop.....I even got to ride in the cop car with the sirens going and everything....it was completely rad....utterly bizaro but rad as all get out.....weird

I am still concerned about the members of Danzig that have to live in his poolhouse.....do they have to pay rent?? Does Danzig include cable in their rent?? Does Danzig's wife do their laundry?? Questions with no answers.....

I can almost play the self titled album in entirety (uhmmm that would be Ramones S/T....Johnny Turd and myself determined the other night at work that since it is the greatest album of all time that it can be referred to as just Self Titled from now on....yes I work with someone that I call Johnny Turd)

If you wanna hear a creepy song, download Evan Dando (yeah...he was in the Lemonheads, don't hold that against him....he did after all bang Julianna Hattfield) playing Skulls by the Misfits on his acoustic guitar.....rad but creepy....

Friday night is made for drinking
01:01pm 06/08/2003
mood: cheerful
I just wrote this and I have no idea why.....

Play the clash in my empty room
Feel the fear inside myself
As I slowly breathe in the pain
No one hears my screams for help

The moment means everything to me
So I turn it up and sing along
If they could only fucking feel
And not just scream the same old song

But they all scream for nothing
Because nothing is all they fucking need
You can’t feel what I am feeling now
As I cut myself and watch it bleed

Growing up and growing old
Living life doing what you’re told
You’re aching to be something
But you know you scream for nothing

By the way the Descendents rumor is true.....only the album will be out in March instead of January....please prepare yourself for the rock accordingly......
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Hot Off The Presses....or something like that   
08:30am 06/08/2003
  This is an unconfirmed rumor (supposedly posted by the Descendents manager/webmaster type dude, so it has more weight than the dudes in Danzig living in his pool house when not on tour runor)....

I was gonna save this info for the official Descendents site, but I just got the green light from Bill to spill some highly anticipated beans. The new album will be out sometime in January of next year. No exact release date yet, no exact number of songs or song titles, and the album title is still in the deliberation process. There will also be an EP released prior to the full-length; no word on number of songs, song titles, or anything else for the EP at present. Oh, and both will be released on none other than... Fat Wreck Chords (Fat naysayers, please note: I find that when eating my words, a little olive oil and a pinch of sea salt helps 'em go down easier). If I knew anything else, I'd tell you, so please keep that in mind when responding, with ~TH@NX~ in advance.

So Fat now is going to put out the new Descendents record (allegedly), the new Sick Of It All and the new Against Me?? Fat Mike is taking over the world.....If this rumor is true about the new Descendents album, Fat Wreck has taken over Epitaph's spot as the label with the best bands on the planet....weird
01:05am 06/08/2003
  Life is Simple......read on....

Muse Sick831: i didnt think it would happen, but slowly i care less and less about lots
Iamnotacoolguy: ha
Iamnotacoolguy: that is the way to be
Iamnotacoolguy: and the stuff that you do care about is really really important
Iamnotacoolguy: because there isn't much of it
Iamnotacoolguy: like coffee and orgasms
Iamnotacoolguy: ha
Muse Sick831: SEEE
Muse Sick831: you get it!
Muse Sick831: lol
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08:25am 05/08/2003
  This is quite possibly the greatest quote ever, "If you can't impress me with intelligence, you should at least baffle me with bullshit.".....that my friends is pure art....  
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01:37am 04/08/2003
mood: amused
Ok...enough is enough....I am way more scared of the Govt than any terrorist.....

The following is from Bill Maher.....he is the man by the way....

Jurors in a Los Angeles police brutality trial were unable to reach a decision. A hung jury and yet no riot. Did you see the tape? The cop punched the guy and threw his head against the hood of the car. Black people shame on you! Ten years ago you’d be setting fire to a Korean grocery store right now. You’ve gotten soft. You’ve lost the fire in the belly. No more edge. It’s like watching The Who without John Entwistle. You no longer have it. Hang it up. Go ahead and be like the Chinese and Mexicans and go gently into the night. You broke my heart!

I am totally feeling Bill on this point....I personally was waiting for LA to get all sorts of fucked up when I heard the jury came back hung....dreams of smoke, kill whitey signs and death on the LA skyline quickly gave way to apathy....where the fuck is Al Sharpton when you need him??

Get this crazy story:
According to a wrongful firing lawsuit filed in June by a former media relations assistant for the Sacramento Kings pro basketball team, star player Doug Christie is not permitted to speak to any female other than his wife, for any reason. The assistant said she was fired because she innocently passed along a telephone message to Christie in the course of her work, but that when Mrs. Christie found out, she pressured the organization to fire her and reaffirm the Christie family policy. [Sacramento Business Journal, 6-30-03]
Dude....what the fuck is wrong with Doug Christie?? You think the other guys in the locker room give him shit about this??(an NBA locker room for Christ sakes!!! Think there is any testosterone in there??).....I personally think that Mr. Christie is whipped....maybe I am being to harsh though.....Mrs Christie totally needs to be on the Kobe Bryant jury by the way...

I hope that it is not just me, but I find it kind of creepy when one of my friends has a threesome with two girls (and one is our friend's ex-girlfriend) one weekend....and then the ex has sex with my other friend (being the afore mentioned friend)the next weekend (Maybe Loverboy was right and everyone is Working for the Weekend)....I mean the whole thing of sharing bodily fluids is sorta creepy...but they all act as if they don't care....but that is how you get hepatitis and shit...I am not sure if I am creeped out by it or pissed that everyone is having sex but me....damn morales....and just for the record...I do have some sort of morales....I think....and one last piece for the record, they all blame our old friend alchohol....posers....never blame alchohol....embrace the alchohol

From the this is really gross and he isn't even one of the threesome friends from above....I have a friend that once went two weeks without brushing his teeth....yep...two weeks!! I can't go two days without masturbation....(I brush my teeth twice a day thanks).....

We're all just teenagers from Mars....and We don't care....I really wonder if the dudes from Danzig have to live in his pool house when not on tour?? Who knew Danzig could swim?? These are the questions that keep me awake at night....

More Drugs. More Sex. More Skating. More Collect Calls from the morgue. Less threesomes (amongst questionable characters). Less Work.
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01:04pm 03/08/2003
  In case you have never read Fast Food Nation, you need to.....at some point I will post a review of the book....

For the record.....McDonalds is an evil coorporation....pure evil....pure fucking evil....
12:34pm 02/08/2003
mood: exanimate
Random thoughts on a random day....

Uhmmm...yeah Brittany is hot and all (even if her music is the worst shit since Madonna, and that is saying something) but I side with Cooter that she is no Daisy

I have $.40 in the bank and $1.37 in my pocket....in Rawanda I would be the richest man in the country....in the US it just means I can't afford 2 for $2 Big Macs....

The new songs that Rog is teaching me for the yet untitled band are fast as all get out....songs about zombies and random stuff....no songs so far about heartbreak, loneliness or how much any of us are still in love with the ex that fucked us over.....so the black shirt, white belt, spock haircut crowd will hate us....but on the bright side, gay truckers who love to go bowling and drink beer are our core audience anyways....

Just for the record, the whole spock haircut thing is the worst fashion idea ever (yes even worse than those polyester jumpsuits in the 70's)

The Wrath of Khan was absolutely the best Star Trek movie made....

If there were a prize for the shortest and hairiest man in America, Rog would win hands down....

I still can't believe that the Souls and Strike Anywhere are gonna tour together in October.....I downloaded some new Strike Anywhere mp3's from JadeTree.com and they are so good....

New Music time.....Don't be like Tony and totally fucking blow it....
The Bronx....possibly my new favorite band (as if any band can ever really replace the Ramones and the Descendents)...songs about drugs (the white ones...the good ones) and not being in love....sounds like a winner to me....
Westgate.....This shit is fucking genius.....melodic, yet punk rock...yet hardcore....this is category defying....

I just wanna put to rest a rumor I see pop up from time to time on this fun fact filled thing called the internet (someone posts it so it must be true, right?)....Make no mistake about it, Glen Danzig will never EVER reunite and tour with the Misfits....this will never happen....having said that, I have no credibility in the matter...I am not down with Danzig....but I did see (on the internet of course) where he makes the dudes in his band live in his poolhouse when they aren't on tour...that is just weird....

Friendster is more addictive than crack.....Find me...add me.....

I found two Mark Grace baseball cards....he should have retired a Chicago Cub.....that still pisses me off

I love going to parties and having naked girls run by and jump in the pool....fun times....

uhmmm....Hangovers from said party are absolutely not fun...bad times...really bad times....

Why is it that when I meet someone close to my age (say that range of 25 to 35 as an example) they always say the same thing about music...I used to like (insert fast loud punk band here....Black Flag, Dead Boys ect) but now I am way more into (insert melodic band with harmonies here....an example would be almost any "rock" band in the top 40).....I am still as pissed off as I was when I was 15....when you lose the anger and quest for life, you lose the edge.....

drink more. skate more. work less.
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05:02pm 27/03/2003
  THIS is really funny.....Skeletor has never looked so cool......  
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07:23pm 26/03/2003
mood: awake
Yep this whole idea for this entry is stolen.....Going off of Angelface7's Post today, I ask you all: If you were to compile a soundtrack to your life, what would it have on it?

Bad Religion-"American Jesus"
Soul Asylum-"Without a Trace"
Cracker-"Teen Angst"
Goo Goo Dolls-"We are the Normal"
Black Flag-"Police Story"
Minor Threat-"I Don't Wanna Hear It"
Down By Law-"Hit Or Miss"
The Malefactors-"Punk Rock Fight Song"
The Harp Project-"Here We Go"
US Bombs-"Jaks"
The Ataris-"Song For A Mixtape"
Screeching Weasel-"Linger"
Descendents-"I'm the One"
Descendents-"Sour Grapes"
ALL-"Black Rain"
Ramones-"Blitzkreig Bop"
Ramones-"Bonzo Goes To Bitburg"
CIV-"Trust Slips Through Your Hands"
Sick Of It All-"America"
Sick Of It All-"Us vs them"
Mike V and the Rats-"War"
Fugazi-"Waiting Room"
The Faction-"Skate and Destroy"
Bouncing Souls-"True Believers"
Bouncing Souls-"Quick Check Girl"
NOFX-"Drugs are Good"
Violent Society-"Fashion Song"

Good God.....Ok....this list could go on forever....tons more songs and bands.....
01:32am 22/03/2003
  OK.....Let's be honest....I think we all have to ask ourselves, if we are whipping Iraq's ass this bad how much of a "threat to the American people" (according to President Bush) were they in the first place??? What the fuck is this "war" all about??? I am voting for US regime change in 2004.....no more of that cocky president (who is by the way is failing in economic matters as they pertain to the US) George W "I skipped my military obligation, but I'll more than gladly send your kids to war" Bush......someone needs to let w know that Reagonaomics sucked in 1988 and they still suck now.....the US media sucks.....think for yourself....I agree we need to support our troops....but FUCK the president.....  
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01:43am 18/03/2003
  "Old men declare war, but it is the youth who must fight and die." - Herbert Hoover.

The biggest weapon of mass destruction that the US has is our own media......American Journalism is at an all time low....
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New Beastie Boys song....   
11:46pm 13/03/2003
  Who knew they weren't dead??....You can download a new Beastie Boys song HERE....it is different....I like it....  
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11:21pm 13/03/2003
  Here is a direct quote I just heard from Richard Pearle, former something or other of defense in the Reagan admnistration and now an advisor to Donald Rumsfeld, "The problem with French President Chirac is that he is making all his decisions based on what is in the best interest of France. That makes him an enemy to the United States.".....uhmmmm....newsflash.....he is the president of France.....he is SUPPOSED to do what is in the best interest of France!!!! I think I am gonna destroy my tv so that I can actually sleep at night....where do these guys come from??  
11:02pm 13/03/2003
  uhmmmm.....when did the US mainstream media (nbc, abc, cbs, msnbc, fox and whatever else you can find on those 24 hour cable channels) all become conservative right wing pricks? Where is this so called "liberal media"?? I can't even watch the evening news anymore because it is not about reporting the facts, it is about some facts mixed in with biased opinionated reporting....ahhh fuck them anyways.....Jason Lee is in that new horror flick....should be interesting.....  
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02:20am 13/03/2003
  If President Bush would just listen to some Bad Religion albums (Suffer, Recipe For Hate or the All Ages compilation) he would surely realize that this "war" is not needed.....he might even realize what an ass he is.....probably not, but it is worth a shot.....hell, I'd even volunteer to burn him some copies......  
02:16am 13/03/2003
12:12am 09/03/2003
  Somehow (I have no idea how) Justin Timberlake (can't this mother fucker just die already.....die, die die!!!!!) and Christina Slutbag are touring together and someone forgot to let me know.....I may vomit all over myself....this "tour" (and I use that term very loosely) is setting music back at least 50 years.....this is the worst news in decades......  
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